General Questions
Technical Questions

I see you advertise an Airsoft version when will it be released?

GREAT question! Yes we do state that we are a Paintball, Pellet, and Airsoft focused company. However if you look anywhere on the internet there is no official Airow Gun Airsoft unit available for purchase as of yet. We are aware if this a chose to promote the Airsoft version prior to launch to build some level of hype around the product.

While it has been a while since we first announced the product. This product has unfortunately seen a number of delays in the overall production process. We understand you all want to be able to get your hands on the official version, as we want to get it into your hands. Please understand that we WILL NOT release any additional information about the Airsoft version until is completed and in production.

Do you guys ship to XYZ country?

We here at Airow Gun are more than happy to ship to every country we can. HOWEVER since we are based in the United States there are certain countries we cannot ship to. Due to either trade embargos that the United States government has in place with your country, or due to your countries weapons legislation.

If these are concerns you have. We recommend that you check with your local authorities to verify that our product is legal in your country or province. One thing to note is the Airow Gun is an archery attachment and will not function without being attached to a bow. So if Archery is legal in your country than most likely the Airow Gun is legal in your country to. If it is then feel free to purchase one and we will send it to you.

Will the Airow Gun fit on my bow?

The Airow Gun is designed to fit to MOST compound and recurve bows that have been manufactured with an aluminem riser. The Airow Gun is most compatibile with these bows if the arrow shelf is from 1.25 to 1.75 inches(This measurment is taken from the inside of the riser to the outer edge of the shelf). Also it is important that these bows have at least one berger hole which is where a traditional archery arrow rest attaches.

If you are using a Re-Curve bow it should be fine as long as it has an aluminum riser and at least one berger hole.

I need a part for my Airow Gun where do I find it?

  • For Airow Gun accessories you may
  • To contact us via email at
  • Please put in the body of you email the parts that you are missing, or need replacing. (I.E. Front Air Transfer Case, Spare screw kit, ETC).
  • If it is an issue with regards to damage product please be sure to attach pictures of the damage so we can determine if it is a warranty issue.
  • What does draw weight mean and will it affect the velocity of my Airow Gun?

    Draw weight means the amount of resistance that you will experience when pulling back your bow.

    For example a 60lb draw weight means that each time you draw your bow you are effectively pulling back 60lbs worth of resistance.

    The range listed on our sales website is what you may adjust the Diamond Infinite edge pro(The bow we sell with all of our combo kits).
    Yes the draw weight of your bow will affect the speed of the projectile you are shooting.
    Lower draw weight = Lower Velocity.
    Higher draw weight = Higher Velocity.

    My Airow Gun is not getting the velocity I want. What can I do to increase it?

    There are a couple of things you can do to increase the velocity of your Airow Gun. However before we explain what you can to increase it.

    Please consider the following. Since the Airow Gun in powered entirely by . The elevation you are at relative to sea level matters. To put it another way if you are at a higher elevation the Air around you will be thinner. Were the opposite will occur if you are closer to see level. Meaning that more force will be required at places way above sea level.
    To rectify velocity issues that you may be expereincing. There are a couple of things you can do.

  • open the velocity adjuster to be completley open
  • Increase the poundage of the bow you are using

  • If these solutions don't work we apologize, and as previosly stated it could be the elevation and or temperature of where you area